Old Tape Piano


Lo-fi Grand Piano.

Warning: you'll be addicted to this one...


Always wanted to sample a grand piano, but what’s the point? The market is oversaturated of piano libraries, and making another one is pointless unless you make it differently. We sampled a grand piano in mono using a low quality cassette recorder. Unlike other libraries availabe, the piano used was new and tuned, just the recorder was old.

It has a lofi vibe to it, but without sacrificing dynamics. Don’t expect a clean sound, it’s the opposite.

8 velocity layers, all notes sampled (no pitchshifting). The background noise was annoying (and there was a lot!) so we applied noise reduction but you can control the amount of noise and its color right in the GUI

For Kontakt 3.5 and superior, and EXS24.

Tech Info

  • WAV files, 44.1KHz 24bit.
  • 88 keys.
  • Lo-fi cassette recorder.
  • 8 velocity layers.
  • Custom GUI.
  • Noise volume and color.
  • Tape speed and tune.
  • 862 MB installed.
  • For Kontakt 3.5 or superior and EXS24.
  • Kontakt player will run in demo mode for 15 minutes.
  • Price: €9.95.