TrackSpacer 2.0


"The fight for frequencies is over"

TrackSpacer is a 32-band EQ that analyses a track via an external sidechain and then applies the opposing frequency curve to the track you place the plug-in on in real time.

Since its release, we have fine-tuned this mixing weapon for even better results and workflow based on user feedback.


Demo and Full versions

Download full version here.

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What's New


AAX Support

AAX (Avid Pro Tools) support for Mac OSX and Windows.

M/S mode

Apply the effect on the mid channel, on the sides or anything in between.


Hability to pan the effect to only affect the left channel, the right channel or anything in between.


Sidechain listening function for better fine tune the filters.


Attack and Release knobs to have full control over TrackSpacer.


Brightness of the knobs, whiter background, led light on the freeze button, advanced panel with new knobs and buttons, and prettier EQ curves.

Default View

This is the default view that appears when you first open the plugin. You can see the same knobs and buttons as in the first version, except for new led light on the freeze button, new curves and a new blue dot on the screen. When you click on that little dot you enter the Advanced Panel.

Advanced Panel

In this new screen you can see all the features that TrackSpacer 2.0 brings to you. Click on the blue dot to go back to the default view.

About TrackSpacer



As implied by name, TrackSpacer cleverly creates space or room in a mix for any instrument, voice, or other audio source by performing automatic, multi-band equalisation on a per track basis. But how, exactly, does it do that, then? Quite simply, it analyses the audio frequency content in a track/bus via Sidechain, and applies an intelligent 32-band EQ to subtract those frequencies from the channel/bus where TrackSpacer is inserted — giving room or space to a specific track by reducing its frequencies on another track in realtime, in other words!
It is not a multiband compressor, it is not a dynamic EQ, it's a completely new approach.

Formats: AU, VST, VST3, RTAS and AAX.

In the mix:
TrackSpacer is versatile and can be used in many different situations. For example, a very basic use is to duck on the bass the frequencies that the kick drum is using.
Simply insert TrackSpacer in the bass track and have it listen to the kick track via sidechain, adjust the filters and set the ratio knob. Decide if you want TrackSpacer to subtract frequencies in the entire stereo, or only in the mid channel.
Another use is for post production, when a voiceover has to speak on the top of a background music. Set the plugin so it reduces the frequencies that the voice uses to the background music.
There are many more uses like "acoustic guitar - electric guitars", "snare drum - overheads", "snare - synths".

Download the user manual here.



Default View

  • Ratio: With this knob you can control the amount of EQ applied from 0% to 100%.
  • Filters: Maybe you only want TrackSpacer to duck a certain range of frequencies and leave the other as they are, you can control that with these hi pass and low pass filters.
  • Freeze: This button makes the EQ settings permament and not dynamic.
  • Screen: You can see the original frequencies of the sidechain and the EQ curve applied by TrackSpacer in real time.
  • Blue Dot: This little button placed at the bottom right of the screen takes you to the advanced panel.

Advanced Panel

  • Pan: This know lets you subtract frequencies in the left channel, in the right channel or anything in between if "L-R" is selected. If "M-S" is selected, it lets you subtract the frequencies in the mid channel, in the sides or anything in between.
  • L-R / M-S: Stereo mode or Mid/Side mode selector.
  • Attack: Amount of time of reaction.
  • Release: Amount of time of relaxation.
  • Sidechain: When this button is selected you listen to what's coming from the sidechain, you can then turn the filters to better fine tune them.

System requirements:

  • Mac (OSX 10.4 or later).
  • Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8).
  • VST, VST3, AU, RTAS, AAX. Both 32 and 64 bit.
  • DAW with sidechain functionality.



  • Only Drums
  • Kick and Bass
  • Synth and Strings
  • Bass and Acoustic Guitars



  • Review on MusicTech Magazine.

  • Review on SoundOnSound

  • Review on

  • The Trackspacer plugin is a great tool to find the frequency area for each instrument, so that they all fit really nicely into the track. This tool really helps me to keep my mix nice and tight. This really speeds up my workflow. The fight for frequencies has gone.

    - Arthur Hendriks
  • "A very powerful yet incredibly easy to use tool to help combat the frequency battles that we all at some time must fight... Kick vs Snare, Vox vs Gtrs.. you name it - TrackSpacer is all over it. TrackSpacer got that lead vocal to sit just where I wanted it, over a mound of stacked electric guitars. Acoustic Piano sits perfectly amidst double tracked acoustics. It does exactly what it says: TrackSpacer".

    - Kevin Johnston
  • TrackSpacer is the kind of tool that makes the productions go a step further. Both professionals and amateurs. It seems so basic and necessary that I don't understand why it hasn't been invented before. Very successfully applied both to improve finished mixes, and as a creatively way to give dynamism between the main melodic elements of the song. With the kick and the bass it left me speechless.

    - Hans Krüger
  • Quite often, the ability to carve out a mix and give elements the space they need can separate a good mix from a great one. Track Spacer demystifies the process and quickly helps you to achieve this in your mixes. In minutes I was able to better control how vocals sit in the mix, bring drums and bass into focus and tame a wall of guitars from taking over the entire mix. Cheers to Wavesfactory for coming up with a great concept and implementing it in such an accessible way!

    - Dan Zank




Sound On Sound
Recording technology magazine
10 May 2013

"Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best"

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and the idea behind Trackspacer is so simple that I’m surprised I’ve never seen another plug-in that does the same thing. Trackspacer is original, slick and effective, and well worth investigating.

Sam Inglis



I use it both as a noticable effect or to make room in a more transparent way. I used to use a sidechained compressor to do this, but I'm liking this more.

Gearslutz Forum User

It works way better than even a multiband sidechain compressor. I had NO IDEA how much i needed this! It's giving me loads of fun and that's all that matters, isn't it?

KVR Forum User

This is a great and useful timesaver of a plugin which will be invaluable to me in the extremely large amount of mixes I have to do.

KVR Forum User

I use this all the time! I get everything sounding good together, then apply it to tracks that occupy the same space and easily get an extra 10% that i wasn't able to get across the mix. This is a weapon!

Gearslutz Forum User