Give life to your tracks

Tempo synced and multisampled tambourine.


W-Tambourine is a tempo synced and multisampled Kontakt library based on a modern tambourine. There’s a huge difference when a tambourine comes into a song, it brings life to it! You can find in it 3 different patches:

  • 4/4: 12 different rhythm patterns based on 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 + 11 different rolls.
  • 3/4: 10 different rhythm patterns tempo synced based on 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 + 11 different rolls. All in 3/4 measure, but can be used in 6/8.
  • Sticks, Hand Shake and rolls : Played by sticks, hand shake, hand hits and rolls. 4 round robin (aka repetitions) and 4 velocity layers. With this patch you can easily and effectively create the patterns you need in case that any pre recorded pattern fits your needs..
There’s an EQ section (bass, mid, treble), reverb, delay and stereo modelling. The patterns are recorded at 65 bpm, so we recommend not to use it with a slower tempo.
Get this library now for only €9.95.

Tech Info

  • WAV files, 44.1KHz 24bit.
  • Pre-recorded patterns, samples and rolls.
  • 4 Round Robin.
  • 4 Velocity layers.
  • Tempo syncs automatically with your DAW.
  • 116 MB installed.
  • For Kontakt 3.5 or superior.
  • Kontakt player will run in demo mode for 15 minutes.
  • Price: €9.95.