Wavesfactory's office in Arta, Mallorca.

The company

Wavesfactory was born in March, 2010 in Artà (Mallorca) with the goal to deliver high quality audio tools for musicians and engineers. A mind set on improving on every product release in terms of audio quality, ease of use and powerful but simple features.

As the man said: “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Jesus Ginard at Metropolis Studios in London

One-Man company

Jesús Ginard is the man behind Wavesfactory. Born in 1987 in Mallorca, studied classical and modern music and audiovisual media. He has composed original music for cinema, tv and documentaries.

He likes humour, Monty Python and silly things. Music is the passion, programming is a cool adventure and Wavesfactory is not a job but a pleasure.