How to extract RAR files

Since the majority of our libraries are very big we have to split them in separate RAR files for easy uploading / downloading.

This guide will teach you how to successfully extract one of our libraries: Legacy Drums.

First, you have to download 3rd party software for extracting RAR files:

First, you need to extract the Main part of the RAR files. In the case of Legacy Drums it’s “Wavesfactory-LegacyDrums-Main.rar”.
This will create a new folder called “Wavesfactory – Legacy Drums”. If you open this folder you’ll see that it contains 3 more folders: Documentation, Instrument and Resources.

Next, you’ll need to extract the samples. Since the sample files take more space it’s bundled into 2 separate files: Part 1 and Part 2. RAR files work this way: you only need to extract the first part and the rest will be extracted automatically. 

So, we double-click on “Wavesfactory-LegacyDrums-Samples.part1.rar”, it will extract all samples for you in one go. It will put the samples folder inside the main folder called “Wavesfactory – Legacy Drums”.
When it finishes you can enter again into the main folder and you’ll see how now it shows this folder structure:

  • Documentation.
  • Instrument.
  • Samples.
  • Resources.

This is the final structure, if you move any of the files or folders you’ll brake the file system and Kontakt won’t be able to locate the files when loading, resulting in the “Files missing” dialog.

Remember: always extract RAR files that don’t have any “PartX” in the name. Then, extract all RAR files that have “Part1.rar” in the name.

For ZIP files you don’t need any extra software as modern macOS and Windows system already have ZIP compression / extraction built-in. ZIP is easier to extract since it doesn’t support multi-part files. Simply double-click on each and that’s it.