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Sample library for Kontakt. Get the sound of this ancient Chinese instrument for your music. With multiple articulations, included effects and much more.

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Guzheng video

Ancient Chinese instrument for Kontakt

The Guzheng is a Chinese plucked zither, ancestor of several Asian instruments such as the Japanese koto, the Mongolian Yatga and the Korean gayageum. It has 21 strings and movable bridges.

5 articulations: fingers, pick, stick, bow and e-bow. Traditional and alternative techniques in order to get the most out of this beautiful instrument with up to 4 round robin and 4 velocity layers.

Realistic tremolo effect where the last played note is re-triggered on release, control the velocity and intensity of the tremolo more naturally and musically. Pitch wheel affects only the last played note in order to create the effect of stretching a string on the real instrument.

Why you'll love Guzheng

We sampled a guzheng using both typical playing styles and rare techniques.


Guzheng is typically played with a hard pickup using the right hand. This library also offers finger, drum stick, bow and e-bow articulations.

Tremolo effect

A typical technique among guzheng players is creating a tremolo effect with the pickup. You can easily replicate this in Guzheng using our tremolo script.


Guzheng includes 21 DSP effects ready to use including convolution with 30+ custom impulse responses, high quality EQs, compressors and much more.

Audio demos

In action

Hear how Guzheng sounds in the context of a full song and naked right out of the box with no effects.


Tracks by Abel Vegas and Tapsa Kuusniemi.

  • Mixer



    From the mixer you can control the different articulations separately with the usual parameters you'd get on an audio mixer.

    With a load/purge switch for each channel, pan / width, volume, mute, solo, phase shift and output selector for mixing the different channels in your DAW.

  • Effects



    In the effects page you can add any effect you want in any order.

    Including EQ, compressors, modulation effects, distortion, saturation, tape machine, reverbs, amp simulators and more.
    This script boosts the sonic capabilities of the library exponentially. Easy to use in a simple and intuitive design.

  • Settings



    From the settings panel you can control basically any parameter that you might need.

    Round robin, velocity curve, dynamic range and the envelope of each plucked and bowed articulation separately.


1.28 GB

Round robin:




Works with

Kontakt 5.7.3 and newer versions.
Full version of Kontakt required.
Kontakt Player will run in demo mode.



Velocity layers


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