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A rare instrument that was sold door to door in the XX century.
Played with the bouncing metal hammers, pick and using fingers.
Now available for Kontakt with modern features and effects.

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Marxophone video

Angelical fretless zither for Kontakt

The Marxophone was produced by the Marxochime Colony of New Troy, Michigan. Billed as easy to play and sold on time-purchase plans by door-to-door salesman.

The sound of the Marxophone is reminiscent of the various types of hammered dulcimer in music traditions world-wide. It has four sets of chord strings to be strummed with the left hand and two octaves of double melody strings, which are struck by metal hammers activated by the right hand.

Why you'll love Marxophone

Marxophones are rare instruments with a very characteristic charming sound.


Apart from the obvious melody strings, the Marxophone library also includes a complete set of major and minor chords that can be played with the left hand.


The right hand can play melodies using the different articulations that Marxophone offers: springs, pick and fingers. Play in any combination!


Being a fretless dulcimer, with strings attached on a hollow wooden body that resonates, the sound that comes out of it is very magical.

Audio demos

In action

Hear how the Marxophone library sounds in solo and in the context of a song.


Tracks by Dan Zank, Torley and Xavi Gano.

  • Mixer



    The Marxophone was sampled using different articulations. All of them controllable in this panel.

    With a load/purge switch for each channel, pan / width, volume, mute, solo, phase shift and output selector for mixing the different channels in your DAW.

  • Effects



    In the effects page you can add any effect you want in any order.

    Including EQ, compressors, modulation effects, distortion, saturation, tape machine, reverbs, amp simulators and more.

    This script boosts the sonic capabilities of the library exponentially. Easy to use in a simple and intuitive design.

  • Settings



    From the settings page you can control any parameter that you might ever need.

    Round robin, dynamic range, velocity curve and envelope. Springs release that control the volume of the mechanical noises and vibrating strings when releasing the keys.


1.58 GB

Round robin:




Works with

Kontakt 5.7.3 and newer versions.
Full version of Kontakt required.
Kontakt Player will run in demo mode.



Velocity layers


Get Marxophone now!

And start playing this wonderful instrument today.
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