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ukulele collection

Ukulele Collection

Ukulele Collection is the ultimate library for creating realistic ukulele tracks in a simple and funny way. Now coming with the fingered version too!

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Realistic ukulele strums for Kontakt

Ukuleles are everywhere featured in thousands of happy commercials around the globe, wherever you go… you can’t escape.

Includes major/minor strums, up-stroke/down-stroke and noises. It also recognises other types of chords like add9, major and minor 7s and more.
Recorded in stereo in a dry studio environment all with 5 velocity layers and 3 round robin.

Why you'll love Ukulele Collection

This is not a strumming engine created from single notes, Ukulele Collection are real strums played on a wooden ukulele.


We sampled ukulele chords in the same way that real players do. In low velocities, just the first strings are played. This gives unprecedented realism and expression. Includes up-strokes and down-strokes.


There's something about ukuleles. There's a reason why it's the most commonly used instrument in jingles and advertising. Ukuleles are fun per se. And Ukulele Collection is fun and easy to play.

More chords!

With our chord recognition script, you can just play any chord you want from the blue keys and strum the ukulele using the white keys. Our script will play the real sampled chords.

Audio demos

In action

Hear how Ukulele Collection sounds in the context of a full song, or in solo. With Ukulele Finger for creating melodies and arpeggiated accompaniments, and Ukulele Strum for creating realistic ukulele patterns and rhythms.


Tracks by Jesús Ginard, MusicPremium and BeepCode.

  • Main



    From the main page you can select between the Strum and the Finger version. The strum will feature all the chord recognition and strumming functionalities, while the Finger version will feature solo notes.

    From the bottom bar you can navigate to the different pages.

  • Effects



    In the effects page, you can add 23 DSP effects in any order you want.

    From an SSL style compressor and EQ to a Transient Shaper and a convolution engine with more than 30 custom impulse responses.

  • Settings



    From the settings page you can control any parameter that you might ever need.

    Up to 3 round robin, dynamic range of the instrument, velocity curve and a doubler engine that will play two different notes in stereo so you get a wider effect ready to be used in your tracks.


Ukulele Finger

Now Ukulele Collection comes bundled with Ukulele Finger. Single notes to create melodies or add tensions to chords.


771 MB

Round robin:




Works with

Kontakt 5.7.3 and newer versions.
Full version of Kontakt required.
Kontakt Player will run in demo mode.



Velocity layers


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And starting creating happy ukulele tracks today!
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