Marxophone UI


Angelical fretless zither

The sound of the Marxophone is reminiscent of the various types of hammered dulcimer in music traditions world-wide. It has four sets of chord strings to be strummed with the left hand and two octaves of double melody strings, which are struck by metal hammers activated by the right hand.




The Marxophone was produced by the Marxochime Colony of New Troy, Michigan, billed as easy to play, and sold on time-purchase plans by door-to-door salesmen. Now available for Kontakt.

Marxophone Mixer


Marxophone was sampled in different ways, all of them controllable in this panel:

  • Chords: strummed with the fingers just like the original unit was intended for.
  • Springs: metal keys with springs attached that bounced on the strings, creating a tremolo effect.
  • Pick: using a guitar pick for more attack.
  • Fingers: using fingers for a more mellow sound.

With a load/purge switch for each articulation. Pan, volume, mute/solo, stereo width from 100% stereo to mono and output selector for mixing the different channels in your DAW.


The library features our advanced effect script that lets you insert any effect in any of the 8 available slots for each channel, including:

  • High Quality EQ.
  • Various types of compressors.
  • Modulation: chorus, flanger, phaser.
  • Distortion / Saturation / Tape
  • Algorithmic and convolutional reverb with more than 40 custom impulse responses.
  • Amp simulators.
  • More.

This script boosts exponentially the sonic capabilities of the library, easy to use in a simple and elegant design.

Marxophone Effects
Marxophone Settings


From the settings page you can control basically any parameter you might ever need. Divided in four section you can find:

  • Round robin: the instrument was sampled with 4 true round robin repetitions in order to avoid the machine-gun effect.
  • Dynamic range: lets you specify the difference between the loudest and the quietest ones.
  • Velocity curve: control how the library reacts to incoming midi notes.
  • Springs release: control the volume of the mechanical noises and vibrating strings when releasing the keys.
  • Envelope: tweak the attack and release times of each articulation separately.

Audio demos

The unit

  • Marxophone at Wavesfactory studios
  • Marxophone at Wavesfactory studios
  • Marxophone at Wavesfactory studios
  • Marxophone at Wavesfactory studios
  • Marxophone at Wavesfactory studios
  • Marxophone at Wavesfactory studios
  • Marxophone at Wavesfactory studios


Size: 1.58 GB
Samples: 1,033
Articulations: 4
Velocity layers: 4
Round robin: 4
Works with: Kontakt 5.7.3 and newer – Full version required. Kontakt Player will run in demo mode.

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