Newmello Collection UI

Newmello Collection

Beyond the Mellotron

Used by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, King Crimson and many more. Newmello offers the same sound and behaviour than the original unit with new approaches in sound design and scripting in Kontakt.

Newmello Collection


New but gold

Newmello Collection includes volume I, II & III.
It brings you back to the sound that shaped an era, the Mellotron M400, with 75 instrument patches.
Newmello is inspired by the original unit, but we didn’t sample one. Instead, we recreated how the original unit works and sound by sampling 75 custom instruments into a lo-fi cassette tapes. It has a very lo-fi quality to it that evoke the golden era of the 60s and 70s.

Newmello Collection Main


In the main view of the instrument you can control the background noise of the tape played by the samples.You’ll also find a tape blend slider that lets you morph between two different tape decks.
Adjust the attack and release times and tweak the tone of the instrument with this tilt-style EQ.
75 patches selectable from the screen display or go through the patches with your keyboard.


The library features our advanced effect script that lets you insert any effect you want in any order, including:

  • High Quality EQ.
  • Various types of compressors.
  • Modulation: chorus, flanger, phaser.
  • Distortion / Saturation / Tape
  • Algorithmic and convolutional reverb with more than 40 custom impulse responses.
  • Amp simulators.

This script boosts exponentially the sonic capabilities of the library, easy to use in a simple and elegant design.

Newmello Collection Effects
Newmello Collection Settings


From the settings page you can control basically any parameter you might ever need. Divided in four sections you can find:

  • Round robin: the original instrument doesn’t have any round robin repetitions, but here you can set up to 3x using the neighbour borrowing technique.
  • Dynamic range: the Mellotron M400 doesn’t have any dynamic range so this is turned off by default, but you can give the instrument dynamic range controlled by velocity with this knob.
  • Velocity curve: control how the library reacts to incoming midi notes.
  • Start offset: adjust the start of the sample and combine it with the attack parameter in the main view.
  • Loop: by default, the samples last for 8 seconds, just like the original unit. However, if you enable this switch the samples will be looped and they will play until the end of time.

The patches


Flute 01 Flute 02 Flute Vibrato 2 Flutes Bass Flute
Clarinet 01 Clarinet 02 Bass Clarinet Bassoon Oboe
Alt Sax Alt Sax Vibrato Soprano Sax Vibrato Trumpet Muted Trumpet
Fluegelhorn French Horn Euphonium Tuba 3 Violins
String Ensemble Violin Viola Cello Double Bass
Violin Pizzicato Viola Pizzicato Cello Pizzicato Upright Bass Electric Bass
Fretless Bass Electric Guitar Electric Guitar 12 Distorted Guitar Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Guitar 12 Spanish Guitar Ukulele Harp Guzheng
Dulcimer Electric Dulcimer Electric Sitar Grand Piano Upright Piano
Rhodes Wurlitzer Organ 01 Organ 02 Harpsichord
Pipe Organ Accordion Harmonium Melodica Vibraphone
Vibraphone Bow Xylophone Marimba Glockenspiel Music Box
Tubular Bells Crotales Bells Male Ah Male Oo
Female Ah Female Oo Recorder Bagpipe Bagpipe Ensemble
Timpani Sine Saw Square Triangle

Audio demos


Size: 2.79 GB
Samples: 5,214
Tape decks: 2
Velocity layers: 1
Round robin: up to 3
Works with: Kontakt 5.7.3 – Full version required. Kontakt Player will run in demo mode.