Lo-fi grand piano

A Kontakt piano with a difference. Making just another piano instrument plug-in is pointless unless you do it differently. Old Tape Piano features a grand piano recorded into a very lo-fi cassette recorder, Old Tape Piano is a unique instrument that sounds unlike any other Kontakt piano library. Make no mistake this isn’t some untuned relic of a piano. We took a great sounding, tuned piano, not some old piano like that sits in your unloved in your grandparent’s house.

Old tape piano


Very addictive

It has a very lo-fi vibe to it, don’t expect a clean, pristine and crystal sounding piano, it’s quite the opposite…
and I love it.

Old Tape Piano - Interface for Kontakt

Main view

88 keys, 8 velocity layers, no loops and no pitch shifting, all notes sampled. Background noise control with volume and color, tape speed and tune, with transport controls. Very simple but effective GUI for a simple but effective instrument.

Audio demos


System requirements

Old Tape Piano requires the full version of Kontakt 4 or 5 in order to work without any limitations. Kontakt Player (free) will run in demo mode for 15 minutes. EXS24 version has been deprecated.

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