3 keyboards from the 70s

Retro Keys I is a collection of 3 libraries based on famous keyboards from the 70s: The Orchestrator, The Compac and Organ X55. With faithful recreations of the sound, behaviour and workflow of the original units, this library offers true gems from the past for your present productions.

Retro Keys I


In action

All keyboards have an option called “vintage”. When it’s active some effects are applied to give a very nice vintage vibe to the sound.

Retro Keys I - Compac - interface for Kontakt

The Compac

The Compac is an electric piano made by Crumar in 1972 that features 3 piano sounds (piano, honky tonk and clavichord). Noise, envelope and cabinets also available.

The Orchestrator

The Orchestrator was also made by Crumar in 1975, is an electric piano and a “string machine” with a brass simulator. Bass, brass, piano, clavichord, violin, cello; with vibrato, cabinets, noise, envelope and presets.

Retro Keys I - Orchestrator - interface for Kontakt
Retro Keys I - Organ X55 - interface for Kontakt

Organ X-55

The Organ X-55 is a clonewheel made by Elka also in the 70s. Features 2 keyboards with 1 drawbar each, 3 piano sounds with optional sustain, percussion, 2 vibrato types, brilliance, cabinets, rotator, tube drive and a set of presets (including random values).

Audio demos

  • Multiman Crumar Orchestrator
  • Multiman Crumar Orchestrator
  • Crumar Compac Piano
  • Crumar Compac Piano
  • Elka X55, presets.
  • Elka X55, buttons.
  • Elka X55, drawbars view.
  • Elka X55, drawbars view.

System requirements

Retro Keys I requires the full version of Kontakt 4. It will also run in newer versions.
Kontakt Player (free) will run in demo mode for 15 minutes.

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