Samba Drums UI

Samba Drums

The sound of Brazil for Kontakt

This sample instrument features a set of folk instruments from Brasil including: surdo 22″, 20″ and 18″, snare, timba, repinique, tamborín, rocar, agogó and whistle. Coming from African roots, the samba band or batucada is a percussion ensemble characterized by its repetitive style and fast pace.

Samba Drums



Solo and ensemble versions of each articulation, with 4 velocity layers and 6 round robin (repetitions per key). Recorded in a perfectly dry studio environment using 2 microphone positions.

Samba Drums Main


In the main view you can see a 3D representation of the 10 included instruments:

  • Surdo 18″, 20″ and 22″.
  • Snare.
  • Timba.
  • Repinique.
  • Tamborim.
  • Rocar.
  • Agogo.
  • Whistle.

Click on any of them to adjust the individual volume, pan and pitch for solo and ensemble articulations.


The library features our advanced effect script that lets you insert any effect chain in any channel separately, including:

  • High Quality EQ.
  • Various types of compressors.
  • Modulation: chorus, flanger, phaser.
  • Distortion / Saturation / Tape
  • Algorithmic and convolutional reverb with more than 40 custom impulse responses.
  • Amp simulators.

This script boosts exponentially the sonic capabilities of the library, easy to use in a simple and elegant design.

Samba Drums Effects
Samba Drums Sequencer


Samba Drums includes a full sequencer with 7 presets in which you can create your own rhythms.

Adjust the tempo, steps, intensity of each preset individually and play them on loop in your DAW. Take out any instruments that you don’t want to be playing and set if you want the ensemble or solo articulations.

Unless the majority of sequencers, this one also allows you to define the velocity of each hit, making it very versatile and natural sounding.


From the settings page you can control basically any parameter you might ever need. Divided in four sections you can find:

  • Round robin: the instrument was sampled with 6 true round robin repetitions, you can select the number you want and the rest will be purged from memory in order to reduce RAM usage.
  • Dynamic range: control the difference between the loudest and quietest hits.
  • Velocity curve: control how the library reacts to incoming midi notes.
  • Envelope: set the attack and decay time ballistics of the different instruments separately.
Samba Drums Settings

Audio demos


Size: 418 MB
Samples: 937
Mic positions: 2
Velocity layers: 4
Round robin: 6
Works with: Kontakt 5.7.3 – Full version required. Kontakt Player will run in demo mode.

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