Crafting innovative and evocative audio tools.

We develop audio plugins and Kontakt sample libraries since 2010.


Latest audio plugin
Echo Cat

Analog tape echo from the 60s.
The return of a classic.

  • “Trackspacer helps me clear out frequencies areas that conflict with each other. It currently finds its way in a lot of my mixes”
    Rik Simpson
  • “Cassette, by one of my favourite plugin developers, is a blast to use!”
    Greg Wells
    Adele, Katy Perry
  • “Spectre is the most interesting plugin that I've tried in a while. It can breath character and life to just about any sound, bus or full mix.”
    Jonas Westling
    Paul McCartney

Latest Kontakt library
Strum Guitar

Four rhythm guitars for Kontakt.
It sounds real because it's real!


More Kontakt libraries

Check our collection of Kontakt libraries

  • “Your samples rule! So great, so musical. The free pipe organ is so hauntingly beautiful, specially featuring the mellow pipes. You just made my year!”
    Greg Wells
    Adele, Katy Perry
  • “The touch, feel and level of detail achieved with this library really inspires me daily at the studio. Mercury is a joy to play.”
    Josep Umbria
    Donovan, Jimmy Page
  • “If you've ever wanted a keyboard sound that can take you from the honky tonk saloons to the weird and haunted places of hammer horror, then you definitely need The Tack Piano in your life!”
    Stephen Gallagher
    District 9

We like to find new or better solutions for existing needs. This implies developing new and creative ideas. No other feeling is comparable to when real innovation is reached.


We love new and we love vintage. In our search for the next big thing sometimes we encounter little audio treasures from the past that need to be brought back in digital form.


We don't inflate our prices just to give a "more premium" feel.
All of our products are reasonably priced, taking into account the time and dedication we put on each.

Free audio plugins

Download our free audio plugins

Free audio plugins

Meet our free audio plugins. Download them all and load them in your DAW (Pro Tools, Logic, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Reaper, Cubase, Nuendo, Studio One, Bitwig...).

Free Kontakt libraries

Download our free Kontakt libraries and use them freely in your productions. Created with the same design and workflow as our paid libraries.


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