Wavesfactory is one man, not some huge corporation. It’s for this reason you can buy with confidence knowing everything we create has been lovingly crafted with passion and everyone who buys from us matters.

Run by musician and producer Jesús Ginard, Wavesfactory develops award nominated plug-ins and exceptional Kontakt instruments for musicians, composers, producers and engineers. Our love of music inspires us to create the unique Wavesfactory Kontakt powered instruments, and hands-on knowledge of the challenges facing those producing music gives us the ideas for Wavesfactory plug-ins.

Wavesfactory Plug-ins

In 2012 Wavesfactory introduced the acclaimed audio plug-in TrackSpacer, nominated for the SOS Awards “Best Plug-in of the Year” category. Since then the TrackSpacer plug-in has been used by hundreds of professional mixers and producers, DJs and many top bands.

Looking to try a plug-in? You can download a demo and even grab a free plug-in or two!


Trackspacer helps me clear out frequency areas that conflict with one another. It’s super easy to set up and intuitive to use. It currently finds its way in to a lot of my mixes.

Rik Simpson - Coldplay

Wavesfactory Kontakt Instruments

Wavesfactory Kontakt instruments range from the sublime Mercury piano, a faithful rendition of Freddie Mercury’s Fazioli piano recorded at Metropolis Studios, London, to more unusual sounds to give your music the edge and not found anywhere else.

Start browsing and discover our diverse collection of Kontakt instruments and please download our free Kontakt instruments.


Sale!Legacy Drums
Legacy Drums
59.00 39.95
Free plug-ins SK10, SK10 drum sub-kick
SK10 Drum Sub-Kick Simulator Plug-in
Mercury Piano- Freddie Mercury's Fazioli grand piano for Kontakt box packaging.

People Love Wavesfactory

  • I use Trackspacer all over my mixes, like for killing ugly bleed in drum tracks, pocketing bass and kick, ducking guitars under vocals, etc. It really reduces the amount of savage EQing or gating I need to do, which is awesome. The secret’s out!

    Adam Nolly
    Artist / Periphery
  • The touch, feel and level of detail achieved with this library really inspires me daily at the studio.
    Mercury is a joy to play.

    Josep Umbria
    Josep Umbria
    Donovan / Jimmy Page
  • Your samples rule! So far I’ve bought 1850 Pipe Organ, Sharine, Ukulele Strum, Old Tape Piano and Muted Trumpet. So great, so musical. The pipe organ is so hauntingly beautiful, specially featuring the mellow pipes. You just made my year!

    Greg Wells
    Adele / Katy Perry / Mika


Sale!Suspended Cymbals box packaging
Suspended Cymbals
59.00 39.95
Sale!Ukulele Strum box packaging
Ukulele Strum
59.00 39.95
Sale!Samba Drums box packaging
Samba Drums
79.00 49.95
Trackspacer box packaging