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Demonic Virtuoso

Harpsichord for Kontakt recorded in a studio live room using three mic positions.
Includes a full mixer, effects and settings to control every detail of the sound.

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Demonic Virtuoso video

Harpsichord library for Kontakt

The harpsichord was widely used in Renaissance and Baroque music. During the late 18th century, it gradually disappeared from the musical scene with the rise of the piano. In the 20th century, it made a resurgence, being used in historically informed performance of older music, in new (contemporary) compositions, and in popular culture.

Recorded with 3 microphone positions: close, decca and outrigger. 4 round robin, all notes sampled (no pitch shifting), time based release samples. Behaviour, sound and playability faithfully replicated.

Why you'll love Demonic Virtuoso

A deep representation of the sound of a baroque harpsichord for Kontakt.


Sampled using the finest microphones and preamps, in a live recording studio room. Using a perfectly tuned harpsichord in mint state.

Mic positions

Includes close, mid and far microphone positions that you can control individually and blend to the needs of your song.


A rich and pristine sounding instrument is very important, but the most important thing to make it sound real and alive is the resonance.

Audio demos

In action

Hear how Demonic Virtuoso sounds in the context of a full song or in solo.


Tracks by Elliot Smith, François Couperin and Bach.

  • Mixer



    Demonic Virtuoso features a full mixer with which you can control the three mic positions separately.

    With a load/purge switch for each channel, pan, width, volume, mute, solo, phase shift and output selector for mixing the different channels in your DAW.

  • Effects



    In the effects page you can add any effect you want in any order.

    Including EQ, compressors, modulation effects, distortion, saturation, tape machine, reverbs, amp simulators and more.

    This script boosts the sonic capabilities of the library exponentially. Easy to use in a simple and intuitive design.

  • Settings



    From the settings page you can control any parameter that you might ever need.

    Round robin, dynamic range, velocity curve, volume of the release samples and sample start.


1.52 GB

Round robin:




Works with

Kontakt 5.7.3 and newer versions.
Full version of Kontakt required.
Kontakt Player will run in demo mode.

Mic positions


Velocity layers


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