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Muted Trumpet

Muted Trumpet

Sample library for Kontakt featuring a trumpet with a Harmon mute. With true legato, offering the true sound of the trumpet.

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Muted Trumpet video

True legato trumpet for Kontakt

Harmon Mutes have captured the imagination of music aficionados across the world through amazing performances from artists like Miles Davis. Today Harmon Mutes are played all over the globe by professional orchestras, soloists, recording artists, and students alike.

Played by the talented Bernat Xamena. Each note and transition sampled, no pitch shifting. Optional round robin, staccato, polyphonic sustains and true legato articulations selectable via key-switches.

Why you'll love Muted Trumpet

The iconic sound of the Harmon mute with true legato for perfect performance.

True legato

True legato is achieved by sampling every interval that the trumpet can play. Sustain -> true legato with sustain. Using one cross-fade and minimizing the possible phase issues.

Iconic sound

In 1946, jazz trumpeter Miles Davis pioneered the usage of the mute with stem removed, which became part of his trademark sound. Today. It's used almost exclusively in jazz music.


The interface features a trumpet viewed from the side. When you play a note, the trumpet moves its pistons to the real position, which converts Muted Trumpet in a fun learning tool too.

Harmon mute

About the Harmon mute

This mute produces a tinny, shallow sound which can be varied by adjusting the mute and via manipulation with the fingers at the cup end.

Miles Davis often played through a Harmon mute without the stem. This formed a characteristic sound, and greatly influenced the jazz community in such classic tracks as “All Blues”.

Audio demos

In action

Hear how Muted Trumpet sounds in the context of a full song and also naked right out of the box.


Tracks by Dan Zank, Jesús Ginard, Abel Vegas and Tapsa Kuusniemi.

  • Main



    In the main panel you can see an animated representation of the muted trumpet.

    Select the different articulations and control the dynamics, expression and vibrato using the knobs. These are pre-mapped to default MIDI CCs.

  • Effects



    In the effects page you can add any effect you want in any order.

    Including EQ, compressors, modulation effects, distortion, saturation, tape machine, reverbs, amp simulators and more.

    This script boosts the sonic capabilities of the library exponentially. Easy to use in a simple and intuitive design.


399 MB

Round robin:




Works with

Kontakt 5.7.3 and newer versions.
Full version of Kontakt required.
Kontakt Player will run in demo mode.

Mic positions


Velocity layers


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