Newmello collection – Part II

With 25 instruments recorded into tape, Newmello II is the second volume in the Newmello Collection that recreates one of the most beautiful classics: the Mellotron M400, used by The Beatles, King Crimson, The Rolling Stones and many others. Newmello II offers the same sound and behaviour as the original unit with new approaches in sound design and scripting in Kontakt.



New but gold

Newmello II brings you back to the sound that shaped an era, the Mellotron M400. This video screencast shows the 25 instruments included. It’s the second volume on the Newmello Collection.

Main view

Noise control with two modes, blend two different tapes, attack and release knobs and a tilt EQ. 25 patches selectable from the screen display or go through the patches with your keyboard.

Newmello II - interface for Kontakt
Newmello II - interface for Kontakt


Originally, Mellotron samples only played for 8 seconds. Newmello II can behave like that or you can go beyond and loop them. Round robin and dynamics simulation, sample start offset and a purge knob. Total control over the instrument.

Audio demos

The patches

Clarinet 01String EnsembleUpright PianoHarpsichordFemale Oo
Clarinet 02Violin PizzicatoSpanish GuitarOrgan 01Music Box
Bass ClarinetViola PizzicatoDistorted GuitarOrgan 02Crotales
BassoonCello PizzicatoGuzhengPipe OrganXylophone
Muted TrumpetUpright BassDulcimerFemale AhVibraphone Bow

Rack Effects

It comes with ‘Rack Effects’, an advanced script that lets you add up to 12 different DSP effects, designed to improve the sound of the library and to exponentially increase the sound design capabilities.


System requirements

Newmello II requires the full version of Kontakt 4 or 5. Kontakt Player (free) will run in demo mode for 15 minutes.

Download the manual

Newmello I box packaging

Newmello I

Perfect combination, Newmello I and Newmello II are part of the Newmello Collection with 50 instruments available. Grab them both!