Here is a small selection of reviews of our plug-ins and Kontakt instruments from leading magazines, blogs and other industry voices.

Wavesfactory plug-ins and instruments are used by top professionals and have been used on chart topping tracks and iconic albums. Check out some of their comments at the bottom of the page.

We are delighted by the response we have received to our plug-ins and instruments, we are a small company trying to help musicians and producers around the world. These reviews encourage us to work harder at making great plug-ins and Kontakt instruments.

What the press are saying about Wavesfactory

Newmello is one of the best Mellotron VST currently available. I really like the sound and price. Wavesfactory has made an affordable, yet top quality plugin for producers to dive deep into.

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Review of Sharine

“Wavesfactory has hit on a void that needed to be filled. Percussion instruments are not played like regular instruments, nor should they be sequenced like them.”

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Pro Tools Expert Trackspacer Review

I think this thing is amazing! I’ve started to use it on tracks to help me sculpt the mix.

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Tape Op Logo.

I would call this a secret-weapon plug-in, but the word is hereby out! TrackSpacer is a ridiculously affordable, easy way to get various elements of your mix to interact in useful and musical ways.

Final words: buy it! It works!

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Sound on Sound magazine logo.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and the idea behind Trackspacer is so simple that I’m surprised I’ve never seen another plug-in that does the same thing.

Trackspacer is original, slick and effective, and well worth investigating.

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An amazing virtual piano. The attention to detail is seen, or rather heard, in every aspect of this sound library.

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Wavesfactory Mercury Review

We’re smitten with the Wavesfactory Mercury, especially since it blows away many of our other go-to piano plug-ins.

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Music Connection Logo.

Great stuff and I’m just starting to get the hang of this plug-in — I love it.

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Audio News Room logo.

It just seemed to my ears to clear space in a wall-of-sound type mix better than straight compression.

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MusicTech Logo.

We tried this in a variety of mix situations and found it performed perfectly well for any task.

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What professionals are saying about Wavesfactory

The new Spectre from Wavesfactory is the most interesting plugin I’ve tried in a while.

Does the world need another saturation/enhancer plugin? The answer is definitely yes… It can breath life and character into just about any sound, buss or full mix in a subtle or aggressive way and everything in between.
It being a parallel multi-band processor is a huge plus. I love how easy it is to dial in the processing exactly where it’s needed. Transforming a dull, thin and lifeless sound into something usable takes seconds. With 5 bands, 8 versatile saturation models, oversampling and mid/side processing, I’m in sound-shaping heaven!


Jonas Westling - Paul McCartney / Lady Gaga

Trackspacer helps me clear out frequency areas that conflict with one another. It’s super easy to set up and intuitive to use. It currently finds its way in to a lot of my mixes.


Rik Simpson - Coldplay

I use Trackspacer all over my mixes, like for killing ugly bleed in drum tracks, pocketing bass and kick, ducking guitars under vocals, etc. It really reduces the amount of savage EQing or gating I need to do, which is awesome. The secret’s out!

Adam Nolly - Artist / Periphery

Your samples rule! So far I’ve bought 1850 Pipe Organ, Sharine, Ukulele Strum, Old Tape Piano and Muted Trumpet. So great, so musical. The pipe organ is so hauntingly beautiful, specially featuring the mellow pipes. You just made my year!

Greg Wells - Adele / Katy Perry / Mika
SOS award nominee.
Music Tech Trackspacer Award