Free app for creating vertical / horizontal sprite sheets

Searching for a low-weight, fast, simple and elegant way to make image strips for your animations? Then Strip Generator is for you!

I was searching for that too and the options available wasn’t working for me due to various reasons. Maybe the software was only available for Windows (I’m a Mac user) or the images were so big that it couldn’t handle that much information and crashed.

That’s why I created Strip Generator for my own personal use. Seeing that other developers also need a simple app that can turn individual frames, images or jpg/png into a vertical / horizontal sprite sheet I decided to share it with the world for free.

Strip Generator will work with PNG and JPG images and will automatically crop transparent or black areas for you. I mainly work with Cinema 4D and I needed this feature in order to save time. I’m planning to add a new capabilities in the future in order to make it more flexible for everybody.
If you have any suggestions or general feedback please get in contact with me.

Hopefully you’ll find it useful 🙂