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What's the difference between Kontakt and Kontakt Player?

Kontakt is a sampler from Native Instruments that can play all types of Kontakt libraries without any restriction.
Kontakt Player is the free version of Kontakt, and it can only play without restriction libraries that have been encrypted by Native Instruments. Non-encrypted libraries will be loaded under the name “**DEMO**” and will only be available for 15 minutes.

What version of Kontakt do I have?

This is simple. If you paid for Kontakt, you have the full version.
If Kontakt came bundled with a library, you have Kontakt Player (free version).

If you look at the top left of Kontakt you’ll see the logo. It says just “Kontakt” for the full version and “Kontakt Player” for the free version.

Why does the library say **DEMO**?

Because you have Kontakt Player and the vast majority of the libraries require the full version of Kontakt in order to work without limitations.

Why don't you make your libraries work with Kontakt Player?

I wish I could do that, but sadly I can’t afford it for every sample library that I release. I’ll be doing more Kontakt Player libraries from now on though.

What version of Kontakt do I need?

In general, the libraries will work with Kontakt 4 and above. That means that the libraries will work in Kontakt 4, Kontakt 5 and future Kontakt versions. That also means that they won’t work in Kontakt 2 and 3.
Please, read carefully the system requirements of each individual library before purchasing.


How to download the library?

You’ll receive an invoice containing the download link/s. You just have to click on that link and the download will begin. Alternatively, if you go to your account you’ll see a list of the available downloads.

Do not use any download manager as the link uses credentials to connect with the server and the download manager can’t handle this.

I haven't received the link/s

That can happen for a number of reasons:

  • You entered a wrong e-mail address.
  • The server is busy.
  • It’s in the spam folder.

If it’s in the spam folder make sure you mark is as not spam for future purchases.
If the server is busy, you’ll receive the link in one hour max.
If you still haven’t received the link within an hour it’s very probable that you entered a wrong e-mail address. Get in contact and I’ll send you a link manually. I usually reply within a couple of hours.

How do I open a RAR file?

RAR and ZIP are compression formats. You have to extract them once they’re downloaded. Use this:

They’re both free.

Once you have them installed, simply click on the first part of the rar file named “nameofthelibrary.part1.rar” or just “nameofthelibrary.rar”. Then, all parts will be extracted automatically.

I'm getting an error while extracting

Make sure you’re only extracting the first part of the RAR files (see previous question).

Make sure that the file/s are from the right size.

It’s possible that the download was corrupt, try to delete the files and download them again.

The download links expired

For security reasons, the links sent in the first e-mail expire pretty quickly.
In order to generate new links you can go to My Account – Downloads section and you’ll see a list of all available downloads. You just have to click on “Generate Download” button and a download link will be sent to your inbox.
Note that for multipart downloads you’ll have to generate all necessary links.

I don't have available downloads in My Account

That’s probably because you’re trying to download a deprecated free product like Power Guitars Free, MrGroove or Drum Circle Lite, that files are not available anymore.
if that’s not the case, drop me a line.

I'm getting low download speed

The files are stored on Amazon S3 servers and delivered based on your location for a better speed. Sometimes, the server can be busy and slow, or maybe is your ISP that has some issues. My recommendation is that you stop the download and try again in a few minutes / hours.


I want a refund

Due to the digital nature of the products I can’t provide refunds. In order to avoid problems, read carefully the systems requirements and specs of every products before the purchase.

How to change Euros to USD or another currency?

This is automatically handled by Paypal / Stripe, you don’t have to worry about it. You’ll see the total amount in the desired currency before the purchase.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes! More info here.

Why do you charge tax?

If you or your company is based within the EU I have to charge VAT. You can apply a valid TAX number on checkout and it will be discounted. You will not be charged taxes if you’re outside the EU.

I missed the sale, can I still get a discount?

Short: No, sorry.

Long: This is a secret, but if I say that a sale will be available until the day X, I have it going until X + 2. So, if you still missed it, you missed it not for a few hours, but for 3 days. At that point, if you’re still asking for a discount, you have to understand that there will be other customers who have paid the full price and it won’t be fair to do the discount just for you.

Can I transfer my license to another person?

No, the licenses are non-transferrable due to two main reasons:

  • I have no means to know if you’ll be using the library or plugin anymore.
  • You bought a license to use the sounds, but you don’t own the sounds, that’s why you can’t resell them.

I'm a very famous artist, can I get your products for free?

Short: No.
Long: I’ve been receiving this type of e-mails regularly throughout the years and I’ve found out that really great and big artists pay for the products without even asking for a little discount.

Do you do private libraries?

Yes! If you’re interested in getting an exclusive private library get in contact and we’ll discuss the details.

Do you do scripting / GUI work?

Yes, I can make a library for you to resell. Get in contact for more details.

I found a bug!

Great! Let me know and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

What's neighbour borrowing?

It’s also known as “scripted round robin”. In an ideal situation you’ll have tons of round robin repetitions to avoid the machine gun effect and make the library more natural and human sounding as every note won’t sound exactly the same. But in reality, recording a lot of round robin can increase a lot the size of the library and increase the cpu as a lot of voices have to be managed with more groups involved inside Kontakt, adding more recording time which may not be available at the moment.

Neighbour borrowing does exactly that, it plays the note above and below the note that you’re playing and tunes them up or down, resulting in the same note with different feeling.

I usually combine real round robin with scripted round robin because you’ll get 3x more variations. For example, if I have 4x real round robin and apply neighbour borrowing I’ll get 12x variations per note.

Of course, good results heavily depend on the type of instrument that you’re working on. That’s why it’s always optional.

I get audio drop-outs

That’s not very common but it can happen if the library is very CPU demanding and your computer can’t handle it.

I always recommend at least 8GB RAM and SSD drives. A good practice would be freezing the track or bounce it in place. If you need a quick solution you can try by increasing the buffer size to 512 or 1024 samples. You can also try to limit the voice amount in Kontakt.

I have a blog / magazine and I'd like to review your products

Great! Drop me a line using the official e-mail address of your blog / magazine and I’ll send you a NFR of the products that you want to review.

What happened to the older products?

I’m renewing the whole catalogue, re-recording older libraries with new GUIs and scripts, specially the first libraries. Some of them will be merged, some others will be updated and some others will be dropped.

With this new website I’ve set up a quality threshold where only libraries that are above this line will be accepted and released.

I've been banned

For security purposes, you can be automatically blocked due to many repeated declines in one session. If you think this is an error I can unblock you.

Customers who have showed violence via e-mail or that returned a payment are manually blocked and won’t be unblocked.

I accidentally purchased a product twice

This is the only reason why I will refund an order, or you can use the credit for purchasing another product.

What formats are supported?

The plugins are available in Audio Units, VST, VST3, RTAS and AAX. Both 32 and 64 bit.

I don't find the RTAS

AAX and RTAS can’t coexist in the same system and in the install process I have to decide wether to install AAX or RTAS, and I chose AAX.

That’s why you have to install it again, customise the install, deselect AAX and select RTAS.

I don't see Trackspacer VST3 sidechain button in Cubase

Make sure you have the VST3 installed and that you’re selecting it correctly, it’s in the dynamics folder.

Why do I have to route the sidechain this way in Live?

Ableton Live doesn’t allow 3rd party plugins to do sidechain as easily as it’s done with official Live plugins. This is something that they should fix (and they say they will).

How to set up Trackspacer?

Trackspacer only works when a sidechain signal is received, otherwise it won’t do anything.

In order to set up the sidechain correctly in your DAW you can simply search for a tutorial on YouTube, I know this is not a very elegant solution but it’s very quick.

Sidechain in Ableton Live.
Sidechain in Cubase VST2.4.
Sidechain in Cubase VST3.
Sidechain in Logic.
Sidechain in Pro Tools.
Sidechain in Studio One.
Sidechain in FL Studio.
Sidechain in Sonar.

How to activate the plugin?

Trackspacer is activated with a serial number that will be e-mailed to you. Copy/paste this serial into the box that will prompt when you launch the plugin for the first time.

I haven't received the serial number

That can happen for a number of reasons:

  • You entered a wrong e-mail address.
  • The server is busy.
  • It’s in the spam folder.

If it’s in the spam folder make sure you mark is as not spam for future purchases.
If the server is busy, you’ll receive the link in one hour max.
If you still haven’t received the link within an hour it’s very probable that you entered a wrong e-mail address. Get in contact and I’ll send you a link manually. I usually reply within a couple of hours.

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