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Where is my serial number?

Upon purchase you’ll receive two emails. One contains the invoice and order details. The other one contains your username and serial number. If you haven’t received it do this:
· Check the spam and promotions folders.
· Maybe you used a different e-mail to make the purchase?
· If you purchased a Kontakt instrument then you don’t need a serial number, you only need the full version of Kontakt in order to load the library without any restrictions (this doesn’t apply for Mercury).
· Maybe you did a typo in the e-mail address? In that case, you’ll find the contact form in this page.
· If you still haven’t found it, get in contact with me. You’ll find the contact form in this same page.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes. You can get 20% OFF if you’re a music or audio-related teacher or student. You are required to send proof of enrolment using this contact form. Education coupons are not available if there is an on-going promotion.

Download link is expired

For plug-ins, you can download the installer directly from the website.
Trackspacer –
Spectre –
Cassette –

For Kontakt instruments, you can always request new download links in here:

About refunds

We don’t offer refunds. We don’t use any online registration system so we can’t de-activate your serial number. We do offer demo versions of all our plug-ins so you can try them beforehand. It’s also advised in each page that in order to load our Kontakt libraries you need the full version of Kontakt.


The plugin does not appear in my DAW

First, make sure that your OS and DAW meet the minimum system requirements. You’ll find these at the bottom of each plugin’s page.

Our plugins are 64 bit only. They won’t run in 32 bit systems.

If you’re on macOS High Sierra or newer you should reboot your computer after installation.

Finally, if nothing of the above works, you’ll probably need to clear your DAW’s plugin cache.

Authorization failed

Sometimes when using the key command for pasting (Ctrl/CMD + V) the serial gets pasted twice which results in a validation error. Try using the built-in paste button in order to paste the serial.

On how many computer can I install the plugin?

We sell a license to you. You are able to install and use it in all of your computers as long as you’re the only user.

Do I have to de-activate old computers if I have a new one?

There’s no need to do so if the old computer is not going to be used by anyone else. But if that is not the case, you should remove the license.

On Mac, go to:

Library/Application Support/Wavesfactory/NAME_OF_THE_PLUGIN/License

And delete the license file.

On Windows, go to:


And delete the license file.

Can I transfer my license?

Yes, you can transfer your license to another user.

You’ll be required to pay a €15 transfer fee. Once the payment has been sent via PayPal you have to fill and send the form below with the required information.

What are the demo limitations?

Our plugins will run in demo mode until you provide a valid username and serial number. These are the demo limitations:

  • Volume dip every minute.
  • Parameters not saved / recalled.
  • Presets not saved.

Why is there a volume dip every minute?

That’s a demo limitation. Volume dips will go away as soon as you provide a valid username and serial number.

It says "Authorization failed"

Make sure that you copy and paste the username and serial exactly as they appear in the e-mail. The username is case-sensitive. That means that capital letters matter!

Trackspacer asks for the serial number all the time

This is a macOS specific issue. What you have to do is go to

Library/Application Support/Wavesfactory/Trackspacer/

And create a folder there named exactly:


Then, authorize the plugin normally and the authorization should be retained.

Trackspacer sounds glitchy on the right channel

Load the plugin in “Dual mono” instead of “Stereo”.

UI appears cropped

Try to enable the DPI awareness of your DAW and system.

Trackspacer 2.0 and 2.5 in the same session

For new projects you should use Trackspacer 2.5. The problem comes when trying to load old projects because Trackspacer 2.5 doesn’t recognise the settings of the version 2.0. Therefore, you need to have both versions installed.

This guide will help you getting Trackspacer 2.0 and 2.5 in the same session.


It’s very important to follow these steps in the correct order.

– Download the latest version by getting the installer here.
– Download the old version 2.0 installer here and install it:
– If you’re in Logic and the old version is giving you problems, download and install this version.
– Re-scan all plug-ins in your DAW.

– Manually delete all  VST, VST3, RTAS (if needed) and AAX from your plug-in folders.
– Download the latest version by getting the installer here.
– Download the old version installer here and install it.
– Re-scan all plug-ins in your DAW.

Done, you now have the latest version labeled as Trackspacer 2.5 and the old version labeled as TrackSpacer.

Legacy installers - 32 bit


I found a bug

Download and install the latest version from the plugin’s website and try again. If the bug is still there please send me a message through the contact form.

The library appears in demo mode

There are two versions of Kontakt:

  • Kontakt. Also known as the full version of Kontakt.
  • Kontakt Player. It’s free.

Kontakt is a paid software. It can be bought at the Native Instruments website. Kontakt can load any library without any restrictions.
Kontakt Player can load libraries that are “powered by Kontakt” without restrictions. 3rd party libraries that are not powered by Kontakt will load in demo mode. They will require a restart every 15 minutes.

So, if our library appears in demo mode is because you’re using Kontakt Player. You should use the full version of Kontakt.

I need the serial number for the library

Our libraries don’t need a serial number (except for Mercury). You just need to use the full version of Kontakt in order to load the library without restrictions. Check the previous FAQ.

Samples are missing

If the “samples missing” dialog pops up when loading the instrument it means that the library wasn’t installed / uncompressed correctly. I suggest that you read the next question “How to extract RAR files”.

I can't open the library (RAR)

We deliver the libraries compressed in RAR format. We have made two videos that guide you through the necessary steps to uncompress the file(s).

For single-part RARs:

For multi-part RARs:

In Mac we use The Unarchiver. In Windows we use WinRAR.

Can I add the instrument to the libraries tab?

No, that’s a limitation of not having libraries that are “powered by Kontakt”. Only libraries that work with Kontakt Player can be added to the libraries tab.

Our libraries (except for Mercury) have to be loaded by drag and dropping the NKI file directly into Kontakt’s interface. Alternatively, you can also use Kontakt’s built-in browser and double click on the NKI file.

On how many computer can I install the library in?

You can install it in all of your computers as long as you’re the only user.

Can I transfer my library?

Libraries are non-transferrable. Library transfers are not permitted by Wavesfactory.

I found a bug

Great! First of all, do you have the latest version? You can always generate new links here and download the latest files. If the bug is still there, send us an email using the form below.

Continuata's Connect freezes

The freeze sometimes happens on the RAR extraction process. If that’s the case you should quit the program and extract the RAR file yourself. Then, re-arrange the folders if needed so you get the right folder structure.

I would like to merge two accounts

We can merge your accounts so you have all of your orders at the same place. Use the form below to send us the required information.

I made a typo in the email address

No worries, just send us an email using the form below and we will fix it for you as soon as possible.

I made a purchase without registering

In that case the order you made is not linked to your account and therefore the order won’t be in your user area. Use the form below to send us the required information so we can link the order to your account.

Plugin Boutique purchases

Purchases made at Plugin Boutique are not linked to Wavesfactory and they won’t appear in your account. You will always be able to download the latest versions of our plugins in each plugin’s site. There’s no need to register the purchase.

I can't edit the cart

Go here and you’ll be able to edit it:

Alternatively, you can also click on the cart icon on the top right.

I bought the same product twice

Send us an email using the form below and we will issue a refund or give you credit to spend at Wavesfactory.

Do you offer bundles?

Yes. We have an “Effect Bundle” at the moment that includes Trackspacer, Spectre and Cassette for 30% OFF. Get it here:

If you’re interested in other products (more than 5) just send me an email and we’ll study your case.

Other currencies

We’re based in Mallorca and our store is in EUR. If you want to make the purchase in another currency there is no problem. The conversion will be done automatically by PayPal or Stripe, and the price will be calculated based on the current conversion value.

Can I buy a product for someone else as a gift?

Yes you can! Send us an email using the form below and we will sell you a coupon code that your friend can use.

Can I deduct VAT?

Yes, if you are based in the EU and have a valid VAT number you can use it during checkout and taxes will be deducted automatically.

Do you have discounts?

We do have promotions from time to time. Have for sure that we will have a promotion on March because it’s our anniversary and Black Friday in November.

However, if you’re looking for personal discounts, the answer is no.

I just missed a sale

Make sure you’re signed into the newsletter so you don’t miss the next one!

No, we don’t extend sales. We think that it’s not fair for other people that is already paying the full price.

I'm a VIP, can you give me a free copy?

I sent an e-mail a few days ago

We usually answer all support emails within 48 hours max. If yours hasn’t been answered is probable that our email was kept by the spam filters. You’ll find it in the spam folder or promotions folder.

Can I use your products in commercial music?

Yes, you can use our plugins and sample libraries in any production without having to pay any royalties.
What you can’t do is embed or distribute the product without express consent from us. You can’t create new products from our products.


If your question hasn’t been already answered in the FAQs section above, you can get in contact with us directly here. Select the topic of your question in the dropdown menu below.

Are you a student or teacher?


Are you currently enrolled in a music-related course?


Attach your student ID with a clear expiry date:

You're required to send a €15 transfer fee to via PayPal.
Once the payment is received the transfer will be made.
NOTE: We cannot transfer licenses purchased at PluginBoutique.